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Don't Be Afraid of PowerShell

It's not as complicated as you think. Get automating today!

The Future of Applied Artificial Intelligence

Software and consulting expert Andreas Erben pulls back the curtain to imagine a world where generative AI technologies reach further than today's capabilities.

Cloud and Infrastructure: 'There Is No Easy Button'

SQL Server expert Allan Hirt shares what database pros need to know about their core infrastructure.

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Two Years Later: Is Windows 11 Ready for Enterprises?

OS deployment expert Michael Niehaus shares what Windows 11 does right, where it's still lacking and what we should expect from Microsoft in the future.

What Can Azure OpenAI Do for You?

Microsoft MVP Eric D. Boyd presents a sneak peek of his anticipated Live! 360 Azure OpenAI discussion.

The Intersection of Data and Generative AI

Microsoft's Buck Woody breaks down how SQL Server is leveraging gen AI, and what skills you will need to stay competitive.

Harnessing SQL Server 2022's Power

Microsoft's Abdullah Mamun and Kendal Van Dyke break down how SQL's recent updates are giving database pros new ways to take control of their data.

Automate the Mundane

Azure Automation provide IT with the ways to make their jobs more interesting. Got a task you're sick of doing? Automate it away!

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It All Starts with a Plan

Throwing money at your network security without insight into the strengths and limitations of your network will put your enterprise users' data at risk.

Cyber Security Education Never Ends

John O'Neill, Sr. stresses the importance of staying up to date with an ever-changing enterprise security landscape.

SQL Server Design: No Code Necessary

Data pro Thomas LaRock dives into the intricacies of SQL Server design, emphasizing the power of smart datatype decisions.

AI from the Trenches, Part 2: The Human Factor

AI expert Cameron Turner continues the conversation, and provides his perspective on how generative AI is impacting the enterprise, and its role as a transformative technology.


Yubico Shares Expertise on How To Get to Passwordless

This month, I chatted with Yubico experts Erik Parkkonen, solutions architect, and Derek Hanson, vice president of standards and alliances, on the passwordless goal for organizations and where we are at this point.

Building a CyberInsurance Compliant Security Infrastructure

When attackers strike and operations suffer, good CyberInsurance may make the difference between a few stressful days, or catastrophic monetary losses.

AI from the Trenches, Part 1: Is Generative AI a Leapfrog Technology?

We check in with generative AI expert Cameron Turner to see how transformative and impactful the technology has had on organizations of all sizes.

Microsoft's Security Service Edge Aims To Bridge Network and Identity Security

Microsoft's Entra product announcements on Tuesday elicited some questions, which were answered today by Alex Simons, corporate vice president of product management at the Microsoft Identity and Network Access Division.

Deploying the 100 Percent Cloud Management Solution

Moving your whole operation in the cloud could be the option you're looking for thanks to Microsoft 365 and Intune.

PipeScript: Transforming How We PowerShell

Get the scoop on a powerful PowerShell automation tool, which has the ability to transform the way we code.

Active Directory's Place in the Modern Enterprise

Enterprises aren't ditching the on-premises version of Active Directory, despite Microsoft's best efforts with Azure AD.

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Windows Autopatch's Impact on IT

Microsoft's patch automation tool has been out for almost a year now. How has enterprises' security processes changed since then?

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