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  • ESG Report: Analyzing the Economic Impact of Commvault® Cloud

    TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) analyzed the economic benefits of cyber resilience with Commvault Cloud and concluded the unified platform provides substantial value to IT and Security teams in terms.

  • Solution Brief: Change the Rules for SAP HANA Data Protection with Commvault® Cloud

    As enterprises increasingly adopt SAP HANA to speed business process transformation and modernize IT, they need peace of mind that their mission-critical data is protected against the threat of data loss or attack. Download the solution brief to learn how Commvault® Cloud delivers enterprise-grade data protection as a simple cloud-delivered solution.

  • A Quick Guide to File Server Auditing

    Learn what to audit and how, and keep your file servers secure. To detect cyberthreats and harden the security of your organization, you need to monitor file server accesses, all file activities, permission changes, and audit setting changes. With the use of examples and real-life use cases, this e-book breaks down all the intricacies of file server auditing, and helps you stay on top of security challenges.

  • 5 key risk factors for identity systems and how to reduce them

    When identity services are unavailable or compromised, your business halts, your public reputation suffers and costs quickly mount. Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD (now Microsoft Entra ID) have been the backbone of identity for decades, and that’s why bad actors design their methods and ransomware specifically for them, sparing no industry.

  • Group Policy Under Attack

    This white paper analyzes exactly how Group Policy is being misused by adversaries, based on the research of IT security experts into real cyberattacks. Then it explores the specific factors that make Group Policy an attractive target. Finally, it reveals the key strategies organizations need to adopt to defend their Group Policy — and their business.

  • Closing Security Gaps for Connected Devices in Healthcare

    Medical devices have become critical to patient care—and are connected to each other, your network, the internet, and the cloud. But many have inherent vulnerabilities, creating gaps in overall security. This ebook breaks down these risks and shows how an automated Zero Trust approach to medical device security can close the gaps.

  • The Right Approach to Zero Trust for Medical IoT Devices

    The Right Approach to Zero Trust for Medical IoT Devices explains the fundamentals of Zero Trust and how to achieve it for connected medical devices. You will get a review of the three main principles of a Zero Trust approach to device security.

  • Medical IoT Security RFI Checklist

    The purpose of this vendor-agnostic Request for Information (RFI) is to help our customers evaluate IoT security solutions that allow them to effectively address network security for unmanaged endpoints within a network.

  • 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Medical Device Security Solutions

    The 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Medical Device Security Solutions is a must-read for CISOs facing cyber risks in securing connected medical devices. Use this guide to level up your healthcare organization’s medical device security strategy and software procurement process.

  • Digital Dialogue Revolutionize Your Security Risk Prioritization

    This Digital Dialogue of a recent Redmond webcast presented by Microsoft MVP Derek Melber, delves into the strategies for mitigating risk and reducing costs by streamlining security concerns encompassing vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, identity, software, devices, and patching into a comprehensive and unified view, organized on a per-asset basis. This holistic approach to security posture management empowers organizations to prioritize high-risk assets and issues, culminating in an overall reduction of risk exposure and substantial cost savings when compared to the utilization of multiple disjointed security solutions.

  • Streamline & Optimize Your Azure Cloud Operations

    In this guide, we’ll explore some of the primary business and IT challenges Azure cloud operations teams encounter, dive into the CloudOps framework for operating your business in the cloud and detail the Spot by NetApp approach to Azure cloud operations.

  • Secure All OT Operations with Zero Trust Security

    The benefits of digital transformation and connectivity in OT environments are undeniable but so are the risks. Zero Trust provides proven protection across operational technology assets and networks, remote operations and 5G networks. Read the e-book "Zero Trust Security to Protect All OT Environments" to learn about OT security best practices that can help you.

  • Zero Trust Security for Zero Operational Downtime

    Industrial automation and security experts at VDC Research surveyed professionals with cybersecurity expertise about industrial organizations’ IT and OT systems. Read this whitepaper to learn about new trends and best practices implemented to address the security of operational technology systems.

  • 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Operational Technology Security

    Read this guide to understand how the status of an emerging OT security market aligns with your future plans. In addition, since Gartner has published over 100 Market Guide Research notes, IT and strategic leaders can gain a broad view of many industrial OT markets, including mature and smaller, in an easy-to-read format.

  • The Economic Benefits of Palo Alto Networks Industrial OT Security

    In this report, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) completed a quantitative economic analysis of Palo Alto Networks Industrial OT Security with a focus on how organizations have been able to use the service to detect, categorize and protect assets in their manufacturing and industrial OT security environments.

  • 2022 Unit 42 Network Threat Trends Research Report

    Threats have increased exponentially with no signs of slowing down. According to our Unit 42 Threat Research team, attacks have increased 15% from 2020 to 2021, reaching an all-time high – 3X more than what we’ve observed prior to the uptick in remote work due to COVID-19. Read the "2022 Unit 42 Network Threat Trends Research Report" to get the latest insights into network threat trends from the previous year’s most successful attacks.

  • Next-Generation Firewall Buyer’s Guide

    Newly updated for 2020, the Next-Generation Firewall Buyer’s Guide can help you make your next firewall purchase decision a smarter one.

  • Advanced Threats Required Advanced Defenses

    Double-extortion ransomware. Supply chain attacks. Weaponized zero days. It's an advanced threat landscape, and it requires advanced defenses. Taylor Ettema, vice president of product management for internet security at Palo Alto Networks, outlines the key capabilities today's security solutions require to fight adversarial innovation. Download this e-book to learn about the key capabilities that will help stop modern-day threats.

  • Forrester TEI Report: Security That Pays You Back

    As the world’s leading cybersecurity provider, it’s our job to help you secure your enterprise against tomorrow's threats, today. At the heart of our intelligent network security is a commitment to protect users, applications and data, wherever they may be. In addition to providing best-in-class security solutions, we’re also driven to deliver security that addresses your financial requirements while offering incredible value. That’s why we commissioned Forrester Consulting to perform an unbiased cost-benefit analysis of our ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall platform.

  • Data Driven, AI-Powered

    Download this solution brief to learn how SoftwareOne Data and AI Services simplify the complexities of AI and help your team grasp the value and risks while pragmatically defining the capabilities required for your organization to establish a robust data foundation, adopt data-driven practices, and scale analytics and AI. Collaboratively, we'll incorporate intelligent capabilities that can revolutionize your operations and competitiveness in the age of AI.